Meet Your Trainer, Rick Crawford


Meet Your Trainer, Rick Crawford

Rick Crawford is a professionally certified, fully insured obedience trainer who has built a career helping dogs and their owners create happy, healthy relationships. Rick grew up in the country and has worked with animals, dogs in particular, all his life. Rick received his professional certification in 1999 from the National K-9 School For Dog Trainers located in Columbus, Ohio. Rick’s technique centers on dedication to his customers as a personal in-home trainer.

Because owner participation and commitment are critical to successful training, Rick’s approach to personal training is key. You will receive one-on-one training customized to your individual needs while maximizing the interaction with your dog. Do other members of your household share responsibilities for the dog? Rick’s personalized approach to training can include owners of all ages!

Why in-home training? Because dogs and owners learn best in the environment they know. Training is customized to the home, yard and neighborhood with all of the normal stimulations and distractions dogs encounter every day; whether you have a household bustling with activity, a neighborhood with lots of small children at play, or you live in an urban condominium where your dog is required to have manners in an elevator or public hallway. Training in the dog’s normal environment dramatically increases the retention of a new skill because Rick shows owners and their dogs how to naturally build regular practice into their daily routine. Immediate feedback is received when a behavior occurs – either reinforcement of a good behavior or a correction of bad behavior. It’s all about teaching dogs to make a correct choice!

Rick’s special training techniques are developed from the dog’s point of view. This includes:

  • How we walk
  • Where we sleep
  • When we eat
  • How we play
  • And in other ways…

These are all opportunities to place the owner as a ‘pack leader’ who makes and reinforces the rules.Dogs are happiest when they have…

  • Clear communication
  • Consistent communication
  • A leader
  • Repetition
  • Routine
  • A home that is safe and secure
  • Praise and love

Let Rick show you how to use timely corrections and lots of praise and positive touch to develop your own Keys to Success with your pooch!