“Thank you so much for working with Mali and me to bring out her best and to grow/enhance her/our dog-to-human relationship. She and I are going to the park in the early morning to walk. She is a well behaved 90+ pound rescue Giant Schnauzer. I have only had her seven months. Her come, heal, sit, down and free are excellent. Thank you for this behavior training. I love the long leash you suggested. This allows her to roam when appropriate when we are walking at the park. She even is outside in the front, when I’m working in the garden, on the long leash. I appreciate your knowledge, patience and teaching skills. I think Mali is pleased with me and I’m pleased with her. Again, thank you. You do excellent work.”

Alona E.

“Deb and I wanted to take a minute and thank you for you work with Autumn. We appreciate that you took the time to learn her personality and tailor your training to her particular style. You have a firm, calm demeanor that appears to work well in helping the dog to understand the behavior that you are looking for. We also appreciate the advice and coaching that you gave to us. With continued practice we are able to see the improvement in Autumn’s behavior.

Good luck with your business. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for help with their dog.”

Phil D.


“Recently I started a full-time job and it was the first time I’ve had to leave my dog, Cudi, alone for an extended period of time on a consistent basis. I enlisted the help of Crawford’s Canine Services and have been extremely happy with the results! I can always depend on Rick to arrive on the scheduled days and he is fantastic with my dog! Cudi gets a GREAT workout and has been a much more disciplined companion since walking with Rick.”

Brett D.

“Rick came into our house for the evaluation before beginning training, and we immediately knew he would be GREAT for our dogs. He was talking to us about what we wanted to accomplish all while laying on the floor with the dogs, getting to know them. He always gave 110% of his time whenever he came, answering questions outside of training time and stopping to check up on the dogs while walking other neighborhood dogs. Rick also wasn’t there to just train obedience to the dogs, he taught us how to train our own dogs, reinforcing what he taught the dogs. He is well worth the small fee for his amazing training and guidance!”

Jen & Joey